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We founded the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Memorial Association in 2007. Ever since we have been fulfilling our mission to take care of our own—by helping the families and coworkers of this Ohio county’s officers tragically killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.

We already support them in a number of ways. We host an annual memorial ceremony to commemorate their shared loss, which features the observance of sacred military and law enforcement traditions and the awarding of college scholarships. And we regularly provide these survivors with more individualized forms of assistance.

But our long-term goal is to build a permanent outdoor memorial—in honor of those whose ultimate sacrifice helped keep their communities safe. Our plan calls for this to be a unique, awe-inspiring work of art that will ensure those fallen heroes are never forgotten. And for it to serve as an immortal tribute to the living—the officers who risk their lives for the people of this county every day.

Recently we secured an ideal location for its future home. As the next step in the process, we are holding a Juried Arts Competition to generate memorial designs from professional artists.

Our Memorial Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Every year we hold fundraisers, but to fully fund our ongoing projects we also depend on generous donations from businesses, civic groups, and citizens.

To help cover the costs of the design, construction and perpetual upkeep of our permanent memorial—as well as our annual responsibilities—we really need your help. Please give generously.

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