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Fallen Heroes

Law Enforcement AgencyFallen HeroEnd of Watch
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Lee Lynam01/17/1880
Dayton Police DepartmentSergeant Amer M. Kellar01/07/1897
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman William M. Dalton08/10/1899
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman John J. Stapleton01/17/1916
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Charles V. Thomas05/21/1916
Dayton Police DepartmentDetective George B. Purcell09/23/1916
Miamisburg Police DepartmentPatrolman Frank P. Weidner11/16/1922
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman George E. Clark01/29/1923
B&O Railroad Police Department*Detective Alfred Knight09/15/1927
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman William C. Horn09/18/1927
Dayton Police DepartmentCaptain John C. Post09/24/1927
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Walter E. Rauch12/25/1927
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman William T. Wilson02/23/1928
Oakwood Public Safety DepartmentPatrolman Claude McCormick08/29/1933
Dayton Police DepartmentDetective Sergeant Lucius J. Rice10/05/1939
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Sherman E. Nowlin05/03/1947
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Herman A. Drexler05/16/1947
Montgomery County Sheriff’s OfficeDeputy Bobby J. Thatcher04/20/1952
Ohio State Highway Patrol Post 57Trooper Ernest E. Cole10/03/1964
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Richard O. Baker11/05/1965
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Ronald K. Wells04/06/1967
Vandalia Police DepartmentLieutenant James E. Bohanan12/30/1969
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman James E. Mobley01/25/1970
Dayton Police DepartmentSergeant Paul E. Mortimer07/31/1970
Kettering Police DepartmentPatrolman Paul J. Metzger04/03/1972
Dayton Police DepartmentPatrolman Daniel H. Bruns07/01/1973
Dayton Police DepartmentSergeant William K. Mortimer03/04/1974
Wayne Township Police Department**Officer Leo Casto Jr.08/23/1974
Montgomery County Sheriff’s OfficeDeputy Randal K. Richter05/22/1975
Germantown Police DepartmentSergeant Robert G. Woods07/16/1976
Butler Township Police DepartmentPatrolman Jahn E. Schmidt10/12/1976
Jefferson Township Police Department***Patrolman William A. Aldridge07/13/1977
Dayton Police DepartmentOfficer Eddie L. Hobson10/11/1981
West Carrollton Police DepartmentPatrolman Frederick J. Beard02/16/1983
Riverside Police DepartmentPatrolman Larry J. Safreed10/02/1984
Dayton Police DepartmentOfficer William S. Whalen03/22/1991
Dayton Police DepartmentOfficer Jason K. Grossnickle05/23/1996
Centerville Police DepartmentOfficer John P. Kalaman01/12/1998
Dayton Police DepartmentOfficer Mary L. Beall08/25/2002
Dayton Police DepartmentDetective Jorge Del Rio11/07/2019

*The B&O Railroad Police Department no longer exists, and its former jurisdiction is now patrolled by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.
**Wayne Township is now part of the city of Huber Heights.
***The Jefferson Township Police Department no longer exists, and its jurisdiction is now patrolled by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.