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Permanent Memorial

Our long term goal is to build a permanent outdoor Memorial—in honor of those whose ultimate sacrifice helped keep their communities safe. Our plan calls for this to be a unique, awe inspiring work of art that will ensure these fallen heroes are never forgotten. And an immortal tribute to the living—who risk their lives for the people of this county every day.

To best achieve that goal we soon will be hosting a Juried Arts Competition, and seeking Memorial designs from professional artists living in the U.S. within a 6-hour drive of Dayton. Their submissions will be judged by our Juried Arts Committee, a panel of jurors featuring arts professionals, family survivors and Memorial Association board members.

After an initial review process this Committee will select three semi-finalists, and we will award each $1,500 to further develop their designs. From those enhanced designs a winner will be selected, and we will award that artist a $150,000 commission to finalize, fabricate and install our Memorial.

We will also provide up to $50,000 for the site preparation and landscaping needed to complement the selected design and bring our Memorial home. And we have set aside a $50,000 endowment for its ongoing upkeep.